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Labadie Cadillac Reviews: Your Local Car Dealer

For decades, Michigan Cadillac fans have chosen Labadie Cadillac for all their automotive needs. From seeing the latest Cadillac models to scheduling reliable car repairs, our customers turn to us time and again. As a member of the community, we strive to deliver a dealership experience that exceeds our customers' needs. We encourage you to add to the Labadie Cadillac reviews so we can learn how to serve you better and remain one of the Cadillac dealers you can trust. Visit our reputable car dealer near Saginaw, MI!

If you didn't enjoy your experience and you don't feel we're the best car dealer nearby, please contact Labadie Cadillac directly so we can make it right as soon as possible. Our team learns from each and every interaction, and hearing from customers is essential to our goal of always improving our services. You deserve to work with car dealers you can trust, and we want you to know you can rely on us to keep our word.

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  • Terrill H

    BAY CITY, MI | 2013 GMC 1500 Sierra
    Confirmed Service Review
    May 7, 2022
    Oil change they squeezed me in good job
  • William M

    BAY CITY, MI | 2018 Buick Envision
    Confirmed Service Review
    April 15, 2022
    I used the online appointment scheduler, chose my service, date, and time, but, never got an appointment confirmation e-mail. I went on line and used chat to confirm my appointment, and all i got was a text that said that someone would be with me shortly. I never got an answer. The next morning, I texted the no. and inquired about my appointment, and finally I got a confirmation of my appointment. Also, I cannot believe that an oil change and tire rotation can take 1-1/2 hours. That is rediculous. I don't know why you closed down your quick lane oil change service. Open it back up and use it for oil change and tire rotation service by appointment a couple daye a week. The most time I ever spent in line was 10 minutes, and I was out of there within 20 minutes of getting my service.
  • Steven W

    BAY CITY, MI | 2019 GMC Terrain
    Confirmed Service Review
    April 1, 2022
    good job , and a quick oil change
  • Randy S

    MIDLAND, MI | 2018 GMC 2500HD Sierra
    Confirmed Service Review
    March 22, 2022
    I brought our truck in for warranty work. Adam is very nice to deal with also Lisa and Michelle whenever I call to make an appointment.
  • Cheryl C

    BAY CITY, MI | 2020 GMC Terrain
    Confirmed Service Review
    February 7, 2022
    Quality service
  • John P

    AUBURN, MI | 2021 Buick Envision
    Confirmed Service Review
    February 4, 2022
    My service experience was a good one. It was my first service appointment for my new Envision. I was told that the first appointment was and oil and filter change and a tire rotation. The oil and oil filter were changed in very timely fashion. I did not get the tire rotation. Not sure why, but my concern is that I won't receive the tire rotation from my initial service. We are very pleased with the Labadie Buick Service Department. V/R, John Pike
  • Kenneth R

    AUBURN, MI | 2018 GMC Terrain
    Confirmed Service Review
    January 26, 2022
  • Jean B

    MIDLAND, MI | 2021 Buick Encore GX
    Confirmed Service Review
    January 6, 2022
    This is my third leased Buick from LaBadie in Bay City and I have been very pleased with the service department and Rich Morrissey who has been super at helping me select and answer my questions concerning my new vehicles.
  • Mike R

    REESE, MI | 2021 Chevrolet Traverse
    Confirmed Service Review
    January 5, 2022
    Very responsive and quick to accommodate my schedule.
  • Heather B

    BAY CITY, MI | 2021 Buick Envision
    Confirmed Service Review
    January 4, 2022
    My husband and I have leased vehicles for over 20 years. Service after the sale is a priority for us. We didn't lease our new Buick Envision here but Labadie is the closest dealership so when my check engine light came on and due to the weather we opted to schedule our appointment here. Any other time and ANY other dealership that we had a issue with our lease we make an appointment and within a half an hour our car is in the bay being looked at and an apporiximate wait time is given. I set my appointment for 9:30 and was told that my car wouldn't even be looked at for at least 3 hours because there wasn't a technician available. I looked to my left and standing there were not one but 2 technicians doing nothing but shooting the breeze with another employee... Ok, fine I called my husband and he picked me up and we waited for a call, we waited until after 2 when my husband called and was told that it hadn't yet been looked at but wouild be going in soon and he would call. We waited.... at 3:45 when we hadn't been called yet we left for the dealership to retrieve my car looked at or not. When we arrived we were told the computer had to be reset and that it was almost done. My husband asked why the delay for something so quick when our appointment was for 9:30. He was told that the appointment was ONLY to talk to your service agent. So, maybe don't call it an appointment call it a drop off time. If you're short on technicians maybe don't take so many "appointments" My husband currently drives a Cadillac that he leased from your dealership and it will be his last as he just ordered a new Buick elsewhere and one of the main reasons is the complete lack of service after the sale.